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Eminem - The Real Story

Eminem and Slim Shady are both stage names for the same artist, and fans from around the world often download his music videos. Whether you are looking to download music videos for free or would be willing to pay for videos from your favorite artist, you will enjoy them much more if you know more about the performer. Before you watch music videos by Eminem or anyone else, take some time to learn about the musician himself.The Life and Art of EminemEminem was born as Marshall Bruce Mathers III. Even though he was named for his father, Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr., he was raised by his mother. His father abandoned the small family shortly after the boy was born. Marshall spent his youth moving between Kansas City, St. Joseph, and Warren, Michigan. He got his musical start as a teenager in Warren, Michigan, where he took the name M&M (Marshal Mathers). He began performing rap as an armature at age fourteen, and in 1995 he joined Soul Intent and released his first single. The young rapper quickly gained a foll...


Running Tips - Listening To Music On The Run

Music is great to listen to when you are out running. You need to be smart if you are listening to music as you run - but it can help you in several ways. Read on for reasons why you might want to listen to music on the run - and how to do it safely.Listening to music is a great way to help you to get through those longer training runs. You can get lost in the music and forget how tired you may be getting. Many runners get focused on their music and forget any discomfort that they may be feeling from their run. Getting lost in their music helps many runners to get rid of any negative thoughts that creep into their minds during the latter stages of their run - those "I can't do this", "I want to stop" thoughts. Listening to music is a great to stay positive.Another great way to get your mind off of any negative thoughts is to have books or some sort of training materials downloaded to your mp3 player. You get lost in what's going on in your book and then all at once you've completed your run. It really does wo...


How To Know You've Found Great Jazz Music

Everyone seems to love jazz music but often times the styles of jazz are confused and blurred. To further complicate matters, listeners (and dancers) often ask "What is great jazz?" or "How do I know if what I'm listening to is 'great jazz'"? It's difficult to put in words, but let's give it a try. Remember jazz legend Louis Armstrong says: "If you have to ask what jazz is, you'll never know." While jazz can be broken into elements and much has been written on jazz theory, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the spirit that characterizes truly great music can't be dissected. The first rule of thumb of identifying great jazz music is that if you like it, if it touches your soul, then it's great. Think of it this way - when you walk into an art gallery or museum and ask to see a great painting or sculpture, what is the museum guide supposed to show you? Art is personal! Even worse, ask an artist to explain his or her painting to you. Great art is not meant to be explained. It either hits you, or i...


Popular Music in the Movies: Creates Accessibility to the Film

The use of popular music in the movies is a creative way to connect the viewers to the movie. Having popular music in the movies catches the attention of the public right away. As a result, using popular music in the movies has brought the movies closer to viewers and it has brought them to the cinema to actually watch the movies. A Little History on the Use of Popular Music in the Movies The use of music in movies is very common. In fact, with the exception of silent movies, movies would always have music in them. Many movies used songs that were already popular before the movies. Other songs got popular after the movies became a hit. The use of popular music in the movies actually started in the early years of the 20th century. And songs used in the movies really became popular. They became the most played songs in radio stations. And around 1998, a survey even came out with a result that the popular music in the movies and in Broadway composes 80% of the most performed songs. At the start of using popular...


Most Popular Music Videos of All Time

With music videos being as popular as ever, choosing the top videos of all time is an ongoing chore since new videos are being produced daily. Some music videos that you think should have made the top five won't be there and not because they were not good or even creative, but simply because they did not hold that uniqueness needed to be one of the top five. So with this in mind, please go through our choices and see if you agree with who we picked. Number 5: "Just" - RadioheadDirector: Jamie Thraves in 1995The mystery of what the guy says at the very end of the video is right up there with the Cadbury secret! Even after 14 years, we are still unsure and the director and band remain hush- hush about what is said. None of the group wants to reveal what has happened to the video's hero that makes him disconnect himself from the world around him and sit on the pavement. Perhaps they are not sure what is said themselves and after all this time are in the great debate about the final words.Number 4: "Take On Me...


Finding Indie Music on the Internet

Have you ever had the classic experience with a close friend who tells you about a great song and is very confident that you will love it just as much as he or she does? Upon listening to it, you begin to question the trust you have in them, and no longer have faith in their musical opinions. I've had this experience one too many times and I say let modern technology succeed where friends have failed! Finding Music OnlineThere are several online resources available which are much more intuitive than a friend, and can "learn" your music preferences and make suggestions for new music suited to your tastes. These suggestions are tailored to your musical preference history and are pulled from some of the world's largest online collections of tagged music. Radio stations almost always have to play corporate-backed bands with label restriction which makes them a bad avenue to find more obscure music. Online sources are you best bet for finding the best music available. Pulling from a huge compilation of online ...


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